My first love

Published by Amanda Shelton under on 6:40 PM

There was that moment when I saw him,
that moment lasted so long in my vision.
My world became a heart beat and nothing else.
He came by me and I became shy.
He tried to talk to me I stammered and strained.
He made me lose all my sanity and free well.
I felt I needed him to know.
So I told him in a letter.
He came back to me to say, "his heart would belong to me".

He was there to stay but as time would have it,
he ended up passing away.
My heart was broken and my world was shredded.
But as time went on my heart has mended,
and my wounds have healed.
I found my second love and he gives me all the love I needed.

I loved you and I loved you well

Published by Amanda Shelton under on 6:30 PM

Love me not or love me well.
Take my heart, or take my soul.
But know this and lesson well.
My heart shaped box has no key.
No lock to keep my love safe.
So my heart is not guarded by lock and key.
It may not be safe for me and you.
Keeping this all in mind.
You steel try to take your time;
to find your place in my heart shaped box.
But yet a robber has taken what you left behind.
Broken our seal or lovers coding.
Now our hearts are left bleeding, crying, dying, and in need.
Though I loved you and I loved you well.

Make your move before I’m gone

Published by Amanda Shelton under on 6:16 PM

I need you,
I need your smile,
your eyes on only me.
Making me your only girl in the world.
Making me smile, laugh,
and wanting your every move, touch,
and breath.
But yet only a kiss can seal our bond,
so make your move before I’m gone.

Mother earth

Published by Amanda Shelton under on 6:01 PM

Mother earth sighs
as she opens her eyes
behind the blue of the sky where the stars shine
as she opens her hands to reveals the moon
she takes the time to keep the planet's all in tune

My demons have come to hang around

Published by Amanda Shelton under on 5:58 PM

These times call for shutting down
leaving nothing
but empty thoughts and empty meaning
I think I might find another way
survival is left in my thoughts
my demons have come to hang around
leaving impure things
leaving sinful thoughts
I think I might find another way
survival is left in my thoughts
I have no choice
I will die if I don’t try
my demons has given me no choice
I will fight to survive
and my demons better be ready to die.

The end is getting near

Published by Amanda Shelton under on 5:55 PM

Things are coming to an end
leaving me breathless, and gasping for air.
I try to hold on, and not lose what I have gained.
But my mind and soul tell me I need to move on, and my body tells me no.
I work it to the bone and to the road of no returning
but I know this, things are coming to an end.
I know in my gut and my senses tell me everyday the end is getting near.
I can hear it breathing on my neck and whispering in my ear.
And it says: "keep your peace and know no pain for here I am, I am the end to all who are old and aging. I can smell it in the air"

Death came to take my soul. He seemed nice enough so I took his hand 

The way you understood

Published by Amanda Shelton under on 5:51 PM

For all the times I never saw the things I should have,
I thank you for all the times you understood,
our deepest feelings never taken away for they live in words unspoken.
In some long ago time softly and from afar I loved you
and you never new.
Some meetings are fashioned by chance ours was a gift of just.
Thank you for sharing my hopes and hurts.
Thank you for all of the kind words that touched my heart.

My hearts decay

Published by Amanda Shelton under on 5:29 PM

Can you feel what my heart feels for you?
I seek what I can not have, leaving my heart bitter and without.

I can't pick up my heart off the ground in front of my feet,
it has gone rotten and started to decay.
I can see the bugs all ready coming to eat all of it away.
Digging and eating what is left of my bitter heart.
Leaving nothing in it's place.
Knowing my heart has but moments left.
I cover it with my own dismay,
and with it's last beat I see my own decay,
and bitterness I wish would not stay.

Thy roses

Published by Amanda Shelton under on 5:27 PM

Thy roses smell so sweetly,
and look so beautifully,
and thy hand touches them so sweetly.
With a soft and gentle touch you leave with just a look.

Your Fingertips

Published by Amanda Shelton under on 5:20 PM
Your name is on my lips, 
the soft touch of your fingertips. 
Like the sweetest tasting wine your mouth leaves behind. 
Your hands are big but soft to the touch. 
You gently touch my cheek as I fall into bliss. 


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