Lady Songbird

Published by Unknown under on 11:43 AM
Lady songbird singing on high
her song brings visitors from far and wide,
she sings so tender, sweet, and mild
she has a voice of angel like zing
bringing a mood that makes you want to sing
she has no enemy, no demon on her back
for her song is too gentle for such an attack
you would think when you hear her
that the heavens above well open and angels well descend
but all the crowd can do is shed a tear
for her song brings it to the surface for all to hear

Lady songbird bring me my tender song, bring me my tear, and my angel like song

From Our Community Poet We Are:

A navigator to my heart

Published by Unknown under on 11:42 AM
Be my Mars my traveler from the stars.
A navigator to my heart to all my passions,
and run away starts.
Be all I want and all I need.
Keep my stars shining in my eyes,
from their beginnings,
and my heart.


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