A writers goal

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Can you make people feel what you feel?
Can you make people see what you see?
Think like you think?
I'm a poet and I can make you do anything I choose
through my words I write and the way I give you my view as a poet.
I can make you cry, make you sign on high,
I can make you want something like nothing ales you ever wanted before.
I can make your ears burn and your heart beat faster
take you to the moon,
and make you think you can run faster.
From the ink in my pen to the words I write on the paper
I give you my view as a poet and a writer.
That’s my goal.


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Your heart beats to a faster pass
eyes dilate as your blood pressure rises.
Breathing becomes heavy and labored.
Senses tingle, hairs stand on end,
goosebumps rise.

Passion is wavering in the air,
leaving hearts on the floor
and lumps in your throat
you cry but one tear
from the emotion of it

You feel it moves and grows for you.
So you moan in passion from the feel of it
as it moves in your gut
in a scream of rising heat
it rose and then it settled and sat on the tip of your tong
as it kissed your passions
and gave all for the need for it
this is passion.

Words that should be in the dictionary.

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A list of words I made up.

  • Judgementlist – A mentalist of a judgement person
  • Postery – Half poetry and half prose
  • Momental – a moment of a mental fart
  • Conboaner – a con artist who gets off from coning
  • Policon - A politician in office who cons us out of our money
  • Germapoof – When germs disappear
  • Friendenemy – A friend who betrays your trust
  • Booanator  - a planed fright fest
  • Boostery – A bra that’s to tight
  • Artpoemitic – A artist and poet in one


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