Fade Away

Published by Amanda Shelton under on 5:30 PM

The darkness begins to rise
none is save from its upraise.
it leaves the lost behind
the dead are never far behind.
now’s your chance to run or hide

I don't want to save this world
from its dead or from its damage
for everything has to decay
it’s deaths job to kill it all.
It’s my job to watch it all fade away.
I leave you now in this better cold,
in this graveyard of forgotten souls.

Be has it may
I will not bow
I will not fade for I will rise above it all.

Undertow I lie in wait
while the devil takes his stage.
I watch the Angel’s fight,
to the death with all their might.
Wing’s do die,
while Angel’s no longer fly
fallen are we who once stood taller than the tree.
Now we save our very last breath
for this moment of triumph
as trumpets begin their play.
all will fade.
fade away.


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