My Broken Angel

Published by Amanda Shelton under on 5:49 PM

I watched you change 
Into an Angel
I looked away
Only to find You were not what I imagined

I watched a cloud
Fade into you
It's like you never
Had wings

I know you fell
Just for me

I watched you change
I took you home
Set you in my glass jar
I pulled off your wings
Then I smiled
I watched you grow
black wing's

It's like you never
Had those wings

Though you fell
So very hard
I watched you change
like you never lived before
Now I have wings
An Angel without a cross

I look away
As I gave you the gun
You blow me away

I watched you fly
as I sat down to cry
It's like you never
Knew how much I cared

You lost your wings
As you fell
Into my jar

I watched you change
Into black wings 
I know you fell just for me 

I watched it all from my cloud
It's like you never
fell at all.


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